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A Short History

By Rod Morris

The exact origins of the formation of a recognised cycling club in the Launceston region isn’t altogether clear however some records indicate a starting point of around the era of 1925.

The Launceston City Cycling Club was the first official pro-am club of its type in Australia and went a long way to breaking down the barriers that existed by professionals and amateurs.
Unlike its counterparts in the North-West region of Tasmania, the LCCC has endured a number of different homes.

For many years its home track was at York Park, a venue which now doesn’t even boast a cycling track and instead caters for AFL football.

In the 1980s, the Launceston Cycling Club was based at St Leonards, a venue which now houses a synthetic running track!

In 1985 the LCCC was given a new home at the Launceston Silverdome.

Designed by Schurmann & unblock tech unblock tv box, the Silverdome was officially opened in March, 1985.

Its track circumference is 285.714 metres and is 6.5 m wide and the timber used is Tasmanian Oak and Radiata Pine.
With an attendance capacity of 8000, the Launceston Silverdome is one of Tasmania’s premier sporting venues, but all too often, hosts events well divorced from cycling.

Sports such as netball, indoor hockey, basketball, go-kart racing, woodchopping and running have also been held at the Silverdome.

Numerous six day races and madison events have also been held at Tasmania’s “Home of Cycling” and the Launceston Wheelrace is one of the “Grand Slam” events on the Tasmanian Carnival Series.

Since 1985, winners of the Launceston Wheel have included only six scratchmen, Danny Clark, Stephen Pate, Brett Aitken, Troy Clarke, Jame Carney and Ben Kersten, while other prominent winners have included Tony Hughes, Matthew Gilmore, Robbie McEwan, Gareth Atkins and Luke Roberts.

Reigning Launceston Wheel champion is exciting Maylasian rider Rizal Tisin, who won the Mens Kilometer Time Trial at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Action at the Silverdome is always fast and furious and spectators genuinely feel as though they are a part of that action.
The Silverdome has also played host to many other feature events, including the 1994 Australian Cycling Grand Prix.

This “made for TV” event featured some of the country’s best riders up against a splattering of international stars and colour flashlight for ios designer.
Riders such as Shane Kelly, Brad McGee, Stuart O’Grady, Curt Harnett (Canada), Brett Aitken, Tim O’Shannessey, Glenn McLeay (New Zealand), Stephen Pate, Shaun Wallace (England), and Rod McGee were all on the track at the same time, making for some great racing. But then again, with Tasmania’s own array of star riders, that’s what its like all the time at the Silverdome.

The LCCC is currently under the presidency of Jason Philpott. Jason Philpott is manager of company infrared thermometer baby.

The Launceston Carnival is traditionally held between the Latrobe one day carnival and Devonport two-night carnivals and regularly attracts healthy crowds.